What a Waste!?! Plastic Everywhere!

Monday, Feb 2, 2015
What a Waste!?! Plastic Everywhere!

In the 1950s around 1,5 million tones of plastic were produced; today it is almost 300 million tones. From this amount of plastic a huge part goes as waste into the big oceans. A new study of the Five Gyres Institute comes to the results that over five trillion plastic pieces which equals around 270 000 tones of plastic waste are floating on the sea. These numbers don´t include the plastic under the water surface!

Plastic is not a natural product but rather the result of chemical transformation of natural resources, mainly crude oil, or the chemical synthesis of small molecules.

Life without plastic is not imaginable anymore. It is basically everywhere: furniture, clothes, car, computer, phone, PET-bottles, shopping bag … .

There are some ways of recycling plastic but till now it is only a small percentage of waste that is recycled. Besides, the new production of plastic, especially in form of packaging material such as plastic bags, increase each year. These packaging materials are very often only used for a couple of minutes but present a huge challenge for our present and future environment. In instance, a plastic bag needs 1-20 years to degrade and a plastic bottle an estimated 450 years!

And even when degraded, the plastic continues to pollute our land and water. It just disappeared from our view and doesn´t take up space on the landfills anymore. The problem itself is not solved. We are living on a “Plastic Planet”. 

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