Construction and Demolition Waste Management

Saturday, Sep 7, 2013
Construction and Demolition Waste Management
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Construction and Demolition Waste is a term describing a large number of different waste materials generated from the construction and demolition of buildings and civil infrastructure.
In the past in many parts of the world, it has been cheapest and most convenient to landfill all C&D waste. However, within the last two decades, many regions have seen the development of several factors which combined together have made landfilling of C&D waste less desirable. These factors include the volume of C&D waste fills-up landfills quickly, the high cost of building landfills with adequate environmental protection as well as public resistance to the construction of new local landfills.

As a result many governments have stopped disposal of C&D waste to landfills by law. However, in the absence of alternative legal disposal and treatment options most of the C&D waste generated in the MENA countries ends-up illegally along roadsides, beaches and forests depicting a nuisance to the local people and a risk to the environment.
At the same time an increased interest in reducing the demand for natural resources and the need of creating employment has supported the idea of establishing a more sustainable construction industry.
Around the world, governments and municipalities are enacting legislation that encourages the reuse and recycling of C&D waste. In Europe, a Waste Framework Directive has been revised by the European Union to include a requirement that 70% of each member states’ C&D waste be reused or recycled by 2020.
Appropriate national legislation and policy frameworks for the management of construction & demolition waste may also create a market for the private sector to invest and operate and, hence, provide sustainable employment within a new emerging market.
Throughout the month of September our section “Theme of the Month” will inform you about innovative approaches towards a sustainable construction & demolition sector. SWEEP-Net members from different fields present their approaches, expertise and experiences.
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