SWEEP-Net image film

SWEEP-Net image film

The SWEEP-Net movie presents SWEEP-Nets’ objectives, mode of work, its cooperation partners and a collection of key best practices in the region. SWEEP-Net’s main focus in all its activities is given to the interaction of social, economic and environmental aspects to gain maximum benefits for the people and their environment.

Mashreq and Maghreb countries are increasingly concerned about the growing quantities of waste and its impact on the environment and associated health problems. Thus, SWEEP-Net together with its partners in nine member countries; Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Tunisia and Yemen are working together to develop appropriate solutions. Through its mission, SWEEP-Net translates local experience into regional knowledge and development, and in this way assists decision makers at national and local levels to identify and prioritize specific actions that will improve the integrated waste management.

Above all, the SWEEP-Net movie highlights the huge potentials that lie in efficient resource and waste management and that improvements are achievable if all parties share a common vision and cooperate accordingly.

Enjoy watching the SWEEP-Net Image Film!