SWEEP-Net Activities

SWEEP-Net Activities

SWEEP-Net pursues its goals of setting up a common regional platform that establishes the principles of sustainable and integrated solid waste management (SWM) by means of several networking activities that are implemented with different partners in the MENA region sharing the same interest about the enhancement of waste management. The exchange of best practices, experiences and expertise within the network platform lies in the center of SWEEP-Net activities.

In line with these objectives, it created the Regional Fora as an extensive networking event for SWM stakeholders in the MENA region. The Waste Atlas cooperation matches its idea of cooperation with organizations that share the common notion of improving SWM on a global level by meanwhile extending SWEEP-Net’s knowledge data base.

Also, SWEEP-Net sees its responsibility in the extension of the network by linking it to other organizations like International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Services of Local Authorities (IPLA) which focuses on local authorities. The network secretariat is even curious about testing new approaches, and therefore supports pilot activities linked to SWM, e.g. The Communal Solid Waste Management Plan (PCGD) improving local governance and municipal planning, and Informal Sector. Furthermore, SWEEP-Net assessed the Cost of Environmental Degradation (COED) and remediation due to SWM in order to support respective decision makers in their actions. For the purpose of strengthening the local capacity in terms of SWM, an E-Learning platform has been launched for local authorities.

On the left a listing of SWEEP-Net activities carried out with several partners can be found.