german cooperation

Mandate of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) are wide and varied. Development cooperation aims to help resolve crises and conflicts in a peaceful manner. It aims to help ensure that scarce resources are more equitably shared, and that our environment is preserved for coming generations. And it aims to help reduce global poverty.

In order to achieve these goals, development policy must target different levels. And of course it cannot lose sight of the fact that foreign policy, trade policy, security policy and development policy are today very closely linked.   

The aim of development cooperation is to give people the freedom to shape their own lives, by making their own decisions and taking responsibility for them, without suffering material hardship. With this aim in mind, the German government is seeking with its development policy to help make globalization an opportunity for all. The sectors that German development cooperation will focus on in particular in the future will be education, health, rural development, good governance and sustainable economic development. The guiding principle in all efforts is the protection of human rights.

Support to SWEEP-Net: SWEEP-Net is currently financially and technically supported by the Federal Government of Germany through GIZ that covers the installation of the regional secretariat, its personnel and initial activities.

The German technical assistance is an in-kind contribution of currently EUR Mio 3.0 until August 2012. This includes covering of the SWEEP-Net infrastructure, personnel, activities and events.