World Recycling Day

17 November 2014
Markus Engelhart
World Recycling Day

Saturday, Nov 15th was World Recycling Day, in Tunis the event was organized by the Maya Organization at the “Institut Supérieur des Sciences Biologiques Appliquées" (ISBAT).

Students, experts and representatives from the Tunisian administration could participate in workshops for Composting and “Do-it-Yourself”-Recyling, visit exhibitions about recycling and listen to presentation from several organizations. SWEEP-Net showed its latest image film to present the networks work and the situation and projects all across the MENA-Region concerning waste and recycling.

We thank the Maya Organization for the organization of this event: It was a successful step in campaigning for awareness and education in the important issue of recycling and we hope all participants will share their lessons learned from the various activities that day.