Presentation of the Green MED Initiative

12 November 2014
Markus Engelhart
Presentation of the Green MED Initiative

Raising awareness and educating young people in questions of recycling is the main goal of the Green MED Initiative (GMI). Therefore it uses an innovative incentive-based approach and state of the art recycling system for cans and plastic bottles located in schools and universities in several Mediterranean countries, among others there are Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia. Yesterday, this initiative was presented at Hotel Africa in Tunis.

On the conference, Ms Diana Kobayater presented the project. Also, she reported already conducted public awareness activities, such as a campaign during the Car-free Sunday in Beirut. Dr. Alaa Ezz talked about the project’s communication strategy, especially focusing on various Mediterranean cooperation programs while Fearghus Roche (ASCAME) pointed out the intermediate-term goal: the initiative’s system completely run by private-sector companies.

In the afternoon, the focus shifted towards the concrete project implementation in Tunisia - where the first Reverse Vending Machines are supposed to be installed by beginning next year in various schools and universities.

For more information about the project, the reward system which is giving incentives to participate in recycling, and of course how and where you can participate: Check the project website.