SWEEP-Net Regional Fora

SWEEP-Net Regional Fora
Thursday, December 5, 2013

Within the SWEEP-Net services the annual Regional Forum provides an outstanding occasion for decision makers, practitioners, and academics to learn and share about the latest developments and relevant topics related to Solid Waste Management (SWM) in the MENA region. The Forum stands out through its orientation on networking and provides an innovative and dynamic regional platform for exchange of experience and knowledge transfer, and constitutes the basis for synergetic effects. It brings together a multitude of international and regional stakeholders including governmental institutions, municipalities, academia, private sector, think-tanks, regional and international organizations, international financial institutions, and civil society organizations from the MENA countries that are active in SWM.

During the past four years the regional SWEEP-Net Forum has been organized in different member countries every year. With the four Regional Fora previously held, there has already been a substantial success in delivering international best practices and creating a platform for dialogue amongst member countries.  SWEEP-Net’s Regional Fora are a must-attend event for all Solid Waste Management stakeholders in the MENA region. In 2014, over 250 participants attended the forum, coming from over 24 countries. Furthermore, 30% of the participants in Amman were women – compared to the percentage of participating women in 2011 the involvement of women in the Fora is increasing. Also, the proportion of women being active in the network is higher than the proportion of women working in the sector. Since SWEEP-Net wants the Fora to be financed by means of participants, the forum in 2014 showed that the cooperation partners and network members increasingly support the network financially through sponsoring and co-financing. While the forum was financed via third parties by an amount of 11,020 € in 2012, in 2014 by comparison the forum was financed by 102,000 €.

According to a survey, the latest Forum held in Amman / Jordan was considered as well organized while giving enough space for fruitful discussions of relevant topics presented by passionate and experienced speakers. In addition, compared to other services provided by SWEEP-Net, the Regional Forum was evaluated as the best instrument to help strengthen the participants’ personal and institutional capacities. In line with working groups and the sponsoring of network members participation at SWM events, the Forum was seen as the most useful tool to create new professional relationships. Also, the SWEEP-Net Services were judged positively in contributing to technical information supporting the participants in their networking activities.

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