4th SWEEP-Net Regional Forum on Integrated SWM

4th SWEEP-Net Regional Forum on Integrated SWM


SWEEP-Net has successfully held its 4th Regional Forum on Integrated Waste Management entitled: MOVING UPSTREAM: Waste and Resource Management with Social and Economic Benefits" on the 13-15 May 2014 | Amman – Jordan.

The Forum took place under the patronage of the Jordanian Ministry of Environment, and was held at the Landmark Hotel in Amman.

SWEEP-Net’s Regional Fora are a must-attend event for all Solid Waste Management stakeholders in the MENA region. This year over 250 participants attended this forum, coming from over 24 countries.

Please find the final agenda below:

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Plenary Session I : Reflections on the Circular Economy

Key Note speech
Mr. David Newman, President, ISWA, Italy

Plenary Session II: Transforming Waste Management into Resource Management

Appropriate Separate Collection Concepts in MENA Countries to Promote Employment, Resource Efficiency and Climate Protection 
Mr. Wolfgang Pfaff-Simoneit,Senior Technical Expert, KfW, Germany 
Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Production and Cooperation with Cement Industry is the Practical Solution for Collected Mixed Waste in the Arab Region 
Mr. Abdallah Nassour,Assistant Professor, Department of Waste Management and Material Flow, University Rostock & Managing Director, ENVERO GmbH, Germany
Biowaste Management in Mediterranean Areas: Results and Case Studies 
Mr. Marco Ricci,CIC Italian Composting and Biogas Association & Chair of the ISWA WG on Biological Treatment of Waste, Italy

Parallel Session 1Informal Sector Involvement in the Solid Waste Sector

Projection of the Movie “Ennajah” (Tunisia) from the Series “Ana Huna” 
Ms. Julia Koerner, Communication and Monitoring Coordinator, SWEEP-Net/GIZ
The Role of Informal Sector in Improving Waste Collection and Recycling in Greater Cairo 
Mr. Berti Chaker, National Solid Waste Management Program, GIZ Egypt & Mr. Ahmed Said, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), Egypt
Reorganization of Informal Recycling Waste Sectors in Casablanca Region, Morocco 
Ms. Imane Adraoui, Director of the Observatory of Environmental and Sustainable Developpement of Casablanca Region, Ministry of Environment, Morocco
Social and Environmental Impact of the Informal Waste Sector in Algeria 
Mr. Brahim Djemaci, Phd, University of Boumerdes, Algeria

Solidarity-based Network for Sustainable Recyclable Waste Management in Lebanon” 
Ms. Olivia Maamari,Environnement Program, Arcenciel, Lebanon
Informal Sector Involvement in Solid Waste Management in Palestine 
Mr. Mohammad Al Hmaidi, Consultant, Palestininan Territory
Working Group “Recommendations for the Region” 
Ms. Reka Soos, Expert, RWA & SWEEP-Net Consultant, Romania

Parallel Session 2Waste as Alternative Fuels and Source of Energy

Roadmap for the Adoption of Waste to Energy Technologies in Lebanon 
Mr. Bassam Sabbagh, Head of Urban Environment Service, Ministry of Environment, Lebanon
ISWA Guideline on “Waste to Energy in Low and Middle Income Countries 
Ms. Bettina Kamuk, Chair of the Energy Recovery Working Group, ISWA & Head of Department, Ramboll, Denmark
Waste to Energy in Indonesia and Lessons Learned for the MENA Region 
Mr. Wolfgang Pfaff-Simoneit, Technical Expert, KfW, Germany & Mr. Joachim Stretz, Project Leader, National Solid Waste Management Project, GIZ Egypt

Valorization and Use of Solid Waste as a Source of Energy: The Case of Casablanca Region 
Ms. Saloua Senoussi,Head of the Regional Department for Environment of the Region “Grand Casablanca”, Ministry of Environment, Morocco

Parallel Session 3How Does German Financial Development Cooperation Work? Principles – Procedures – Examples - Contacts

How to Get Your Project Financed - Principles, Procedures and Objectives of German Financial Cooperation in Solid Waste Management 
Mr. Stefan Zeeb,Head of Division, Water and Solid Waste MENA, KfW, Germany
Best Practice Report Tunisia – 15 Years of Sustained Support in the Solid Waste Sector 
Ms. Meriem  Jenayah, National Tunisian Waste Angency (ANGed), Tunisia

Parallel session 4: Regional Reporting on SWM and Benchmarking System

Facts, Figures and Regional Benchmarking for MSW in the MENA Region 
Mr. Antonis Mavropoulos, CEO, D-Waste & SWEEP-Net Consultant, Greece


Plenary Session III: Extending Policy to Waste Prevention / Waste Governance

Policy Impacts of Cost of Environmental Degradation (COED) 
Mr. Sherif Arif, Senior Environment Consultant, Egypt
The Role of the Private Sector for the Implementation of the Framework Law N° 12-99 as a National Charter for Environment and Sustainable Development in Morocco 
Mr. Abdelaziz Zine, Head of Regulation Division, Ministry of Environment, Morocco
The 10 Golden Rules to Design a Proper Waste Management Fee 
Mr. Martin Steiner, Consultant, TBU Environmental Engineering Consultants, Austria
The Mauritanian Government’s Decision to Ban the Production, Distribution, and Use of Light Plastic Bags since January 2013 
Mr. Mohamed Yahya Eba, President, OMASSAPE, Mauritania

Plenary Session IV: Extending Policy to Waste Prevention / Waste Governance

Facts, Figures and Regional Benchmarking for MSW in the MENA Region 
Mr. Antonis Mavropoulos, CEO, D-Waste, Greece
The Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) and Green Economy 
Mr. Herve Levite, Senior Environmental Specialist, Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI/World Bank), France
The SWEEP-Net Portal and E-Learning Platform 
Mr. Escander Nagazi, Communication Coordinator, SWEEP-Net/ GIZ

Parallel session 5 private Sector Involvement on Municipal Level

Options for Private Sector Participation in Municipal Solid Waste Management 
Mr. Zaidoun Elqasem,Mayor’s Adviser for Environmental Issues, Greater Amman Municipality, Jordan
Private Sector Participation in Municipal Waste Management in Morocco 
Ms. Nadia Bakkas,Administrator, Ministry of Interior, Morocco
Communal Waste Management in Tunisia - Status and Future Perspectives 
Mr. Kais Hamzaoui,Sub-Director of Environment, DGCL, Ministry of Interior, Tunisia
Yemeni Experience in Financing and Implementation of Solid Waste Management Activities Through the Cleaning and Improvement Cities Funds 
Mr. Mohammed Sharafaddin,Director General, Cleaning and Improvement Fund in Hajja Governorate, Yemen

Marine Litter: Producer and Consumer Responsibility

Opportunities for the Private Sector as Part of Strategy Development in Jordan 
Mr. George Tsivillis,SWM Expert (Principal Consultant), LDK Consultants – Al Mostaqbal, Greece/Jordan

UNEP Policies on Solid Waste Management Including Marine Litter 
Mr. Habib Elhabr,Deputy Coordinator, UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan
Let’s Do it: How Citizens Can Be Empowered to Improve Their Community by Organising Clean Ups 
Ms. Roosioja Lisandra,Regional Coordinator for West Asia, Let’s Do It Foundation, Estonia
The Catalan Experience on the Implementation of EPR Systems 
Mr. Federico Gallo,Project Manager, RAC/SCP UNEP - Mediterranean Action Plan, Spain
Eco-Lef, a Tunisian Experience in EPR in Packaging Waste Management 
Mr. Ilyes Abdeljaouad,Senior Partner of SMART Consult, Tunisia

Parallel session 7 Cost of Environmental Degradation due to Solid Waste Practicies 

Joint SWEEP-Net/CMI Activity on the COED-Waste 
Mr. Herve Levite,Senior Environmental Specialist, (CMI/World Bank), France
Analysis of the COED- Waste in Beirut, Tunis and Rabat  
Mr. Sherif Arif,Senior Environmental Specialist, Egypt
COED-Waste and the Local Governance, Case of the City of Rabat, Morocco 
Mr. Mustapha Benbouya,Municipality of Rabat, Morocco

Parallel session 8 CCAC: Reducing Methane and Black Carbon through Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Practices 

Overview of the Municipal Solid Waste Initiative of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) 
Mr. Gary Crawford, Vice President of Sustainable Development, Veolia Environmental Services, & Chair of the ISWA Working Group on Climate Change and Waste Management
Environmental, Health and Economic Benefits of Mitigating Short-lived Climate Pollutants in the Municipal Solid Waste Sector
Ms. Swarupa Ganguli,Team Lead, MSW, Global Methane Initiative, Climate Change Division, US Environmental Protection Agency

SWEEP-Net field visit to Al Ghabawi Landfill in Amman, Jordan: